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Venom 25 Ton Tractor Mounted Log Splitter

Venom 25 Ton Tractor Mounted Log Splitter


The Venom 25 Ton is a very heavy duty tractor mounted log splitter!


The 25 Ton is supplied as standard with a frame and  small working table complete with three point linkage.


The Splitter can work in either vertical or horizontal positions and is operated by a simple two handled valve which complies with all E.U heath and safety regulations to ensure operator safety.



  • 25 Ton max splitting force
  • 560mm/ 22 inch max splitting length
  • Hydraulically driven from tractor or powerpack (2-male 1/2" QRC fittings)
  • Flared cutting head
  • 3-Point Linkage or free standing
  • 11-15 second cycle time depending on tractor/ powerpack
  • 8" hardned and flared splitting wedge


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