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SGR-33 Stump Grinder

SGR-33 Stump Grinder


Simple, compact and robust design.

The SGR-33 features "Round teeth" and a larger 33cm rotor. The new teeth are widely used and can be easily replaced and can simply be turned to have a new cutting side for increased longevity. With the increased rotor size you can grind to approximately 14" below ground level (depending on ground).

An adjustable operating handle so you can adjust the angle of the handle depending on the job and operator.

Side exit debris channels

The SGR-33 has a detachable tow-bar with a 50mm ball hitch and heavy duty tires for getting around those bigger jobs. With an overall width of 31" (79cm) our SGR-13 is still small enough to get into those tighter spots other grinders simply can't get to.

The SGR-33 is powered by 13hp Briggs and Stratton engine with electric start and heavy duty belt drive system.


Engine: 13hp Briggs and Stratton with electric start

Teeth: 8 “Round teeth style” with tungsten carbide tips

Brake: Disk-Lever activated

Cutting depth: 14″(approx)

Drive: Commercial heavy duty belt system


Hitch: Detachable 50mm ball hitch

Handle: Adjustable handle with OPC

Width: 31″ (79cm)

Height: 49″ (124cm) with handle in mid position

Length without tow-bar: 78″ (198cm) With tow-bar attached:81″ (206cm)

In stock and available for immediate delivery.


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