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CVR-85 Venom Wood Chipper

CVR-85 Venom Wood Chipper


The Venom 13hp chipper has become our most popular chipper since its introduction in 2014. Being favoured across the industry and well used by landscapers, tree surgeons and domestic customers alike. This is down to its compact, simple and easy to manoeuvre robust design and capacity to easily deal with a wide range of branches and vegetation.


The Venom Chipper features heavy duty hardened steel reversible blades pre set with a 0.5mm clearance to cope with smaller branches. It also has a commercial style twin belt drive system and is powered by a 13hp Briggs and Stratton electric start.


The new model has a movable chute so now you can choose where you want the chips exiting. There is also a couple more safety features including a safety cut off switch that immediately cuts power to the engine once the hooper is opened and moved the emergency stop button to a more convenient location.


The shredder is designed solely for shredding/chipping all kind of cut tree branches of diameter UP TO 8.5 cm.


Dimensions are approx as follows
148cm height
85cm wide
170cm long (with handle)  without handle.  115 cm      

Height without chutes 82 cm 

Weight 170cm


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