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Blitz RC56 Pedestrian Flail Mower

Blitz RC56 Pedestrian Flail Mower


The RC56 is our brand new rough cut self propelled flail mower perfect for over grown gardens, small paddocks and orchards etc. 


It features 32 reversible flails rotating at 3600RPM and has a cutting width of 56cm making short work of grass, small patches of rushes and other unsightly vegetation. 

The ergonomic handles are designed with the operator in mind to make driving and engaging and disengaging the flails simple. 


The RC56 has 3 drive gears, 2 forward and 1 reverse on a conventional crash box. The handles can be adjusted from a 70 degree angle to 80 degree angle depending on the operator. 


Adjusting the height is made easy with the simple turn screw handle. The height of the flails can be adjusted from 14cm from the ground to 3cm from the ground.


This compact and versatile mower is driven by 3 belts and powered by a 6.5 hp engine. 


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